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NRF 2024 - Everything Connected

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avery dennison booth in jacob javits center nyc for nrf trade show 2024

Company representatives to join Amazon’s Big Ideas session and chair panel discussions with Macy’s and UPS at NRF 2024: Retail’s Big Show

NEW YORK CITY – January 04, 2024 – Avery Dennison (NYSE: AVY), a global leader in material science and digital identification solutions, is set to present the future of frictionless shopping, outline its latest loss detection and prevention insights, and discuss the changing face of retail delivery at NRF 2024: Retail’s Big Show.

During the event from January 14-16 at the Javits Convention Center in New York, Avery Dennison and Amazon will discuss how RFID (radio frequency identification) is powering the latest iteration of the Amazon Just Walk Out shopping experience - a first-of-its-kind for checkout-free technology.

Bill Toney, vice president, global RFID market development, retail at Avery Dennison will join Jon Jenkins, vice president of Just Walk Out technology by Amazon, for a lively and engaging discussion about how Just Walk Out technology delivers shopper convenience and operational efficiencies. Company representatives will tell the story behind the collaboration, share insights into the enhanced consumer experience and consider the future of retail.

Toney says: “Shoppers want the flexibility to quickly enter a store, pick up what they want and go on their way. The landmark innovation partnership between Avery Dennison and Amazon is an exciting example of how RFID technology is disrupting traditional retail models to enhance the shopper experience. We look forward to bringing this and much more to life at NRF.”

The Amazon Big Ideas session focused on the future of frictionless shopping will take place on Monday 15 January, 4:00pm EST, Level 3, Stage 3.

Avery Dennison will also share expertise and insights focused on loss detection and prevention during the three-day event when it hosts a panel discussion with renowned guests.

Joe Coll, vice president of asset protection operations and strategy at Macy's, Dr Bill Hardgrave, president of the University of Memphis, and Dr Read Hayes, director at the Loss Prevention Research Council, will join Marshall Kay, global director of retail transformation services at Avery Dennison, to discuss how RFID dramatically improves a retailer’s loss detection capabilities.

Toney adds: “Our session will be an eye opener for retail executives because RFID sensor technology, which is serialized, creates extra layers of defense against theft, fraud, and returns fraud, helping asset protection teams identify perpetrators more efficiently, including individuals participating in organized retail crime.”

The Avery Dennison Big Ideas panel discussion focused on loss detection and prevention will take place on Monday 15 January, 3:15pm EST, Level 3, Stage 5.

Avery Dennison will also use the event to focus on how front doors are becoming the new storefronts and why it is critical to have full connectivity from source to final delivery.

Julie Vargas, vice president and general manager, Identification Solutions, North America at Avery Dennison, will be joined by key partner UPS, Southern Fried Cotton and web3 futurist Sasha Wallinger to discuss how the power of digital identification enables item-level visibility throughout the entire supply chain, delivering retail to the consumer anywhere they want it. "As retail becomes more and more about the last mile home delivery and personalization from store to front door, logistics and technology will be key differentiators in speed and service," says Vargas.

The Avery Dennison Big Ideas panel discussion focused on why the future of retail is at your front door will take place on Sunday 14 January, 11:00am EST, Level 3, Stage 5.

Visitors to the Avery Dennison booth (#6110) can experience lively, interactive demos that illustrate how they can benefit from real-time data to help them make more informed decisions to optimize labor and supply chain efficiency, reduce waste, advance sustainability, circularity and transparency, and better connect with customers. They can also hear from experts on how Avery Dennison is enabling retailers to reap the many benefits of digital IDs.

Further highlighting Avery Dennison’s theme of connectivity, booth visitors will get to see “The Dress That Changes Everything,” the game-changing release from sustainable luxury designer Mara Hoffman. The first dress design using Circ® Lyocell, a filament lyocell derived from 50% recycled textile waste, is the result of a collaboration between Mara Hoffman and Circ, the fashion technology company that recycles polycotton textile waste back into new fibers. The dress features a note from Hoffman on a special sewn-in label created by Circ investor Avery Dennison. The Digital Care Label, powered by atma.io connected product cloud, is made of cutting scrap from the garment and contains a QR code individuals can scan to learn about the making of the dress, including its waste footprint.

Focused on advancing the circular economy, Avery Dennison’s apparel digital solutions will be on show throughout the event. Company experts will present a comprehensive range of data-driven offerings and services that bridge between physical and digital solutions. They will guide booth visitors on how to enable supply chain visibility, accurately track and trace items, and create greater consumer engagement opportunities.

Representatives from Vestcom, the leader in shelf-edge media and a wholly owned subsidiary of Avery Dennison, will also be at the booth showcasing a hybrid shelf-edge display that integrates both physical and digital engagement vehicles. Vestcom will debut its new storeLink™ platform, which enables retailers to streamline execution of in-store media in both print and digital from a centralized cloud-based platform.

“NRF is a key opportunity for us to demonstrate Avery Dennison’s global leadership in digital identification solutions”, adds Francisco Melo, president, Solutions Group at Avery Dennison. “When everything is connected, everything changes. We are excited to bring this mindset to life at NRF and help realize a very exciting, sustainable future for retail.”

Demos showcasing Avery Dennison’s capabilities and solutions at Booth 6110:

Demo 1: Wall of Everything

The Avery Dennison ‘hero wall’ shows the breadth of items that can be RFID tagged and how when everything is connected, everything changes.

Demo 2: Brand Protection & Loss Prevention

An Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) gate demonstrates the power of RFID beyond inventory management to tackle shoplifting and organized retail crime.

Demos 3 & 4: Digital Solutions

An end-to-end demonstration of digitally connected garments that have been tagged at source to reveal the origins of their materials. Helping to promote supply chain transparency, consumer engagement, circularity, and sustainability - essential for the new EU Digital Products Passports (DPP) legislation.

Demo 5: TexTrace™

Avery Dennison’s embedded RFID solution, AD TexTrace™ allows better omnichannel customer experiences, reduces low-value, time-consuming tasks in the distribution center and store and prepares for upcoming DPP legislation.

Demo 6: atma.io hub sandbox

The atma.io connected product cloud provides end-to-end traceability insights by capturing item-level data across the supply chain and beyond. The demo will showcase a TexTrace jacket and shows the simplicity of creating a ‘digital twin’ for the product so its materials can be mapped, seamlessly creating a DPP which can enable a second ‘life’ for the product through reuse and recycling.

Demo 7: Just Walk Out by Amazon

Avery Dennison has partnered with Just Walk Out by Amazon to enable the next evolution of frictionless shopping using RFID. This area will demo the new offering via merchandise from the latest US sports franchise to use the solution. We will also show the breadth and depth of our connected partnerships via Embelex, our external embellishments portfolio, offering end-to-end on-product branding, graphics, and trims.

Demo 8: Food freshness

The demo will feature a variety of packed bakery goods (doughnuts, cookies, breads, croissants, etc). Via RFID technology, Avery Dennison will show how inventory counts of the full bakery category can be achieved in seconds and used to optimize inventory (reducing food waste), and drive sales margin at peak freshness (before expiry and markdown).

Demo 9: Food recall

A standing cooler will feature a variety of packed salads tagged with RFID. One will include a lettuce that has been recalled. The associate will demonstrate the simplicity of recalling this item via a mobile app and pinpointing its location via RFID.

Demo 10: Integrated shelf-edge

Grocery shelf display showcasing the connection of physical and digital experiences within the store through optimal use of printed tags, ESLs and digital screens, to maximize shopper engagement, labor productivity, and ROI.

About Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison Corporation (NYSE: AVY) is a global materials science and digital identification solutions company that provides branding and information labeling solutions, including pressure-sensitive materials, radio-frequency identification (RFID) inlays and tags, and a variety of converted products and solutions. The company designs and manufactures a wide range of labeling and functional materials that enhance branded packaging, carry or display information that connects the physical and the digital, and improve customers’ product performance. The company serves an array of industries worldwide, including home and personal care, apparel, e-commerce, logistics, food and grocery, pharmaceuticals and automotive. The company employs approximately 36,000 employees in more than 50 countries. Reported sales in 2022 were $9.0 billion. Learn more at www.averydennison.com.