Mara Hoffman x Circ why circularity matters with Digital IDs

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Circularity, Transparency, & Traceability

Whether outlining how a specific garment was produced, how it should be looked after, or even providing a consumer with information on how an item should be properly disposed of, our Digital Solutions offer a gateway to a more sustainable future for fashion.

recycled tote bag by Sunbrella Remade, hanging on wooden hook with kraft recycled paper hangtags on handle

Make better decisions for your brand, your customers and the planet.

Our digitally enabled solutions use triggers, applications, and our connected product cloud, to link everything throughout your supply chain and to enable anything. With enhanced data and connectivity between your garments and digital platforms, your sustainable ideas and goals can turn into impactful realities.

From empowering your Digital Product Passports for your garments to unlocking better traceability for your supply chain, your ability to track your sustainability goals has never been easier. Even better, your customers can also gain better insights into the work your brand is doing for the betterment of the planet, and help do their part too.

Sunbrella ReMade X ReCircled hang tag on repurposed fabric
Sunbrella ReMade X ReCircled Homeware

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Through digitally connected labeling, we help you tell a comprehensive story for every garment you produce, ensuring that your products can continue on their circularity journey. Find out how you can lead positive change in the fashion industry. Connect with an Avery Dennison expert now.

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