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Avery Dennison’s solutions for the luxury market meet the needs of the world’s finest brands. Connecting the physical and digital, our offering is the key that unlocks a more sustainable, innovative and commercially successful future for your business.

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What we do

Although affluent audiences mean the luxury market is relatively resilient to macroeconomic challenges, luxury brands have a range of other issues to contend with. Counterfeiting, legislative changes, the growth of luxury resale, shifting audience priorities, and emerging digital channels are all driving the need for future-proofed business models.

Meet Our Luxury Market Solutions

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Brand Protection

Counterfeiting and overproduction pose huge risks to the luxury market, eroding exclusivity, brand image, trust, and loyalty. Our product authentication solutions offer total peace of mind for you and your audience, making life extremely difficult for counterfeiters. Our services help you manage production output, enhancing your operational visibility and flexibility in response to market dynamics.

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Consumer Engagement

Our solutions bridge physical garments and digital experiences, opening a world of engagement possibilities, which offer so much more value than traditional transactional exchanges. Exceed your audience’s expectations and foster loyalty, advocacy, and community around your brand.

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Luxury Innovation

Luxury brands are constantly seeking disruptive technologies, techniques, and raw materials to compete and uphold their reputations for quality and innovation. Our solutions connect the physical with the digital and can be tailored according to your needs, ideas, and aspirations, helping you usher in your vision for the future.

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Legislative and ethical forces are driving luxury brands towards circular business models. But, with resale growing four times faster than the core luxury market, there are strong commercial incentives to embrace circularity too. Implement the programs and service models needed for a circular approach with our solutions, developed specifically for the luxury market. Not only does this help you meet expectations and regulatory requirements, it also allows you to retain stewardship and value through ‘re’ services across each product’s lifecycle.

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Sustainability & Traceability

Changing legislation and intensifying demands from luxury consumers mean luxury brands must be extremely thorough with compliance and ESG. Our solutions unlock item-level traceability throughout the product lifecycle, empowering sustainable, socially-responsible decisions and demonstrating your credentials. This is essential for fostering trust, maintaining relevance, and safeguarding your brand reputation.

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At Avery Dennison, we offer a comprehensive range of bespoke luxury solutions that set our clients apart, from brand protection and innovation to consumer engagement and beyond. Not sure which one is right for you? Our team of experts is here to help meet your unique needs.

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