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Team Sports

Embelex™ is Avery Dennison’s premier team sports portfolio, enabling performance-driven trims that are flexible and stand up to the rigors of play at the professional level. We provide names, numbers, team crests, sponsor logos, and more across all team sports from the professional leagues to the little leagues.

embelex team sports jerseys

What we do

Avery Dennison is the leading global supplier of speciality trims for the world’s largest professional sports clubs, teams, leagues, and federations. Our partnerships place emphasis on technology and sustainability. By using our proprietary advanced printing and automation systems, we are able to increase efficiency and reduce waste throughout the entire supply chain.

Team Sports Key Players

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Heat Transfers

The Heat Transfer Label product line has introduced a new sustainable option to the Agility portfolio with 70% recycled content in the carrier. This is the only globally available rPET HTL solution in the market. The carrier has been 3rd party verified to validate the recycle content percentage. With high recycled content percentage and third party verification, this solution is a true differentiator.

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Digital Solutions

Avery Dennison’s digital embellishments empower consumers to engage and learn more about your brand and products. From supply chain tracking to digital care instructions, our digitally powered embellishments enhances the entire customer experience.

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Crests & Badges

Team badges tell stories. They inspire unity and help define a team’s identity. They symbolize the spirit of the players and the fans. And over time they become more than a crest or a badge; they become a sense of belonging.

Need help?

Embelex™ helps you illustrate your brand's story with bespoke graphics and trims. We offer a range of visual special effects to elevate your team's style. Need a little help? Contact us to find out how we empower your brand with durable, dynamic graphics.

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