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AD TexTrace™ in Apparel

AD TexTrace™ seamlessly integrates with your entire product lifecycle, from manufacturing to purchase. With AD TexTrace™ solutions, you can monitor inventory and restock based on data-driven insights, improve loss-prevention, and enhance the shopping experience for customers through streamlined self-checkout systems and easy returns.

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What we do

We use cutting-edge technology to help you streamline and enhance your operation. By integrating AD TexTrace™ solutions, we help you revolutionize the supply chain, optimize inventory management, and more.

Meet AD TexTrace™

ad textrace soft fabric woven label rfid

AD TexTrace™ Soft Fabric

Sustainable and durable RFID labels that are soft to the touch

AD TexTrace™ Soft Fabric technology is durable and soft to the touch, ensuring digital IDs are consistent and comfortable to wear. Choose from 10mm and 20mm widths in black or white to best suit your garment. AD TexTrace™ Soft Fabric works with standard RFID thermal transfer printers.

ad textrace overlock hidden label-rfid

AD TexTrace™ Soft Knit (Overlock and Hidden Label)

Soft and durable RFID solutions that are easy to integrate

The AD TexTrace™ Soft Knit label is available as a slim Overlock label or a wider Hidden label that easily integrates into the seam. Hidden integration labels not only boast maximum comfortability but also offer fortified loss prevention.

ad textrace jacquard fabric-rfid

AD TexTrace™ Jacquard Fabric

RFID labels designed for performance you can count on

AD TexTrace™ Jacquard Fabric combines a jacquard woven brand label with an RFID inlay on the back, providing unrivaled performance. AD TexTrace™ Jacquard Fabric is available in various colors and dimensions.

ad textrace fabric rfid

AD TexTrace™ Fabric

Versatile RFID solutions that adapt to meet your needs

The AD TexTrace™ Fabric is a simple and familiar RFID solution. AD TexTrace™ Fabric is a versatile, cost-effective way to control the supply chain with RFID.

ad textrace flex fabric rfid

AD TexTrace™ Flex Fabric

Flexible and sustainable RFID labels with SmartFace™ technology

Designed for flexibility and a soft feel, the AD TexTrace™ Flex Fabric provides consumers with a comfortable, adaptive product. AD TexTrace™ Flex Fabric is ideal for high-end fabrics and designer fashion products.

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We offer versatile solutions to meet the needs of all our customers. Not sure which RFID solutions are right for you? Get in touch with us and we’ll help you choose the best AD TexTrace™ products for your needs.

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