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Introducing connected product cloud

Unlock the power of connected products with The platform assigns a unique digital ID to allow you to experience ultimate end-to-end transparency throughout a product’s lifecycle. From the supply chain to your customer’s doorstep and beyond, allows you to optimize every step in one intuitive platform.


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What we do connected product cloud is a platform that unlocks the end-to-end value of every individual product, driving savings and sustainability through traceability. A platform that unlocks the power of connected products by assigning unique digital IDs to everyday items, providing unparalleled end-to-end traceability and transparency by storing and managing all the events associated with each individual product – all the way from source to consumer and beyond, enabling circularity.

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Mara Hoffman x Circ connected product cloud item level traceability through entire supply chain

Item-level traceability

An ID for every item allows you to assign a unique ID to every physical item and track, store and manage all its events, delivering you item-level traceability, so you can get real-time insights  into the flow of products throughout their lifecycle. With more than 300 physical items added each second, simplifies supply chain management for brands all over the world.

Mara Hoffman x Circ connected product cloud circularity

Sustainability & Circularity

Build a better future with end-to-end transparency and consumer education

Streamlining supply chain management helps you minimize the impact your brand has on the environment. With, you can monitor and optimize your operations to minimize waste and prioritize more sustainable solutions. Plus, you can connect with customers to share your sustainability practices, offer care tips to extend a product’s lifespan, and more.

Mara Hoffman x Circ connected product cloud consumer engagement with DPP

Dynamic consumer engagement with DPP

Enhance the consumer experience with Digital Product Passports

With, your products become a vital communication tool, driving dynamic consumer engagement beyond the typical sales transaction. Using Digital Product Passports, can help your brand enable circularity and make informed decisions by sharing key information with consumers via digital triggers. may also further enhance the consumer experience through personalized experiences, loyalty programs, and more engagement elements.

Driving the trends in digital


91% of consumers say the ability to see in-store inventory online is most important when planning a store visit (Source: PSFK, 2021)


71% of consumers are willing to pay a premium for brands they can rely on to provide traceability of products (Source: PSFK, 2021)


43% of consumers say transparency about
a product’s origins and journey is important
to them whether it’s food, apparel or beauty, (44%, 43% and 43%, respectively) (Source: The Missing Billions, 2022)

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With, we strive to create a better future through technology. Item-level traceability can help you boost your brand and reduce the carbon footprint of your products. Want to see how can help your brand? Get in touch with us or request a demo today.