Table top fabric label printer for apparel factory hardware solution

Hardware & Software


Carefully configured to meet your needs, our hardware and software solutions optimize every stage of the apparel supply chain. From manufacturing to aftermarket, Avery Dennison provides onsite hardware solutions for accurate printing, smart label reading, and quality control. Enjoy benefits without upfront capital investment and receive continued training and support.


What we do

Our in-field hardware benefits every stage, offering you support and enhanced capabilities from manufacturing to aftermarket. We approach hardware with a custom mindset, allowing you the flexibility to benefit from a variety of equipment solutions, including onsite printers, scanners, applicators, bonders, and other devices. With Avery Dennison training and 24-hour global support services, you can work more confidently than ever.

Table top hang tag printer for apparel factory hardware solution


Take control of your label needs with agile and adaptable printing solutions

In-plant printing allows you to print care labels, price tickets, barcodes, smart labels, and more at your own speed and scale, empowering your business to move and adapt strategically. In addition to our mobile and desktop label printers, we also offer printers engineered for textile branding, delivering high-quality results for logos and care instructions.

With no minimum order quantities and the ability to adapt to last-minute changes, you not only reduce waste and dead stock but also minimize dependency on express shipments. By printing onsite your business can save time, money, and important resources while reducing environmental impact.
Operate exactly how you want to with configurable hardware and software solutions that evolve with you. Take your smart labels to the next level with advanced product tracking, inventory, and consumer engagement solutions.

Hand held RFID label scanner for tracking at every stage of the supply chain


Label accuracy, functionality, and tracking at every stage of supply chain

Unlock your label’s potential with Avery Dennison smart label reader solutions. Harness the power of RFIDs, QR, and barcode labels at all stages, optimizing tracking and inventory management. Identify damaged labels to reduce rework costs and streamline shipping for precise carton content, avoiding penalties. Discover various reader configurations for maximum efficiency, such as handheld, benchtop, portal, chamber, and tunnel readers.

Heat press factory hardware solution


Apply heat transfer labels with confidence

Apply small to large heat transfer labels to apparel, textiles, and other surfaces with adaptability and assurance. Our user-friendly bonders ensure labels are applied with accurate pressure and flexible temperature parameters to produce high-quality, lasting results. Apply from a roll or choose an automated pick-and-place option, with digital reporting functionality.

Looking for aftermarket branding? We’re your one-stop-shop, offering a suite of bonders suited for every stage–from apparel manufacturing to multifunctional aftermarket devices.

Automated label applicator factory hardware solution

Applicators & Other Devices

Automate label application and increase productivity with assurance

Our cutting-edge applicator technology delivers secure and consistent label positioning designed to increase productivity and reduce manual quality assurance efforts, saving you time and resources. Plus, you can inspect label barcodes and RFID tags at the source to increase productivity and prevent SKU mix-ups and inconsistencies later on.

Discover new levels of productivity with our innovative sock packing machines, designed to eliminate the labor intensity and complexity of labeling and packaging socks. Our automated platforms handle wrap-band and over-rider packaging. Expand your output with strategic solutions that maintain quality while reducing your packing footprint.

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Boost agility and accuracy at every stage of the apparel lifecycle with Avery Dennison. Backed by individualized training and a 24-hour global support network, our hardware solutions deliver consistent, high-power results designed to save you time, money, and resources. Get in touch with our hardware solutions experts to learn more.

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