RFID table top label printer ADTP1 factory solution


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Supercharge your operations and labeling with hardware solutions and support that optimize at every stage–from manufacturing to aftermarket. Operate exactly how you want to with configurable hardware and software solutions that evolve with you. Take your smart labels to the next level with advanced product tracking, inventory, and consumer engagement solutions.


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With careful configuration based on your unique needs, we build and support hardware and software solutions to optimize every stage of the apparel supply chain–from manufacturing to aftermarket. Avery Dennison’s onsite hardware and software offerings enables you to supercharge all of your label needs, including highly accurate printing and placement, smart label validation scanning, and enhanced quality control to reduce waste and ensure consistent results you can count on.

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Hardware & Software


71% of consumers are willing to pay a premium for brands they can rely on to provide traceability of products


91% of consumers say the ability to see in-store inventory online is the most important when planning a store visit


There are more than 30,000,000,000 physical items connected to atma.io

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Add functionality to your factory with our wide selection of hardware and software solutions. Our innovative products scale with your business and help you save time and money, with no up-front capital investment. Need help finding the right hardware for your factory or plant? Get in touch with our factory solutions experts to learn more.

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