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Retailer Solutions

Retailers face significant challenges in minimizing losses, ensuring frictionless checkout experiences, and optimizing inventory management. These hurdles demand streamlined processes, advanced technologies, and strategic planning to mitigate risks and maximize operational efficiency in a fiercely competitive market.

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How We Help

Our solutions are tailored to retailers to streamline your operations and enhance your customers’ experiences through the power of RFID technology. From frictionless checkout experiences to efficient inventory management and robust loss prevention strategies, our partnership empowers you to optimize processes, reduce costs, and stay ahead in a competitive market landscape.

Meet Our Retailer Solutions

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Loss Prevention

The key to digitizing loss prevention

There’s a lot more to RFID sensors than just inventory management. Our RFID tags and labels are found on a wide range of consumer products due to proven success across enterprise use cases like loss prevention. Digitizing loss prevention delivers more insights and data to deter theft and take a proactive approach to combating the growing challenge of retail crime.

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Frictionless Checkout

Revolutionize your customer’s shopping experience

The future of retail experience is here. Powered by RFID, your customers can enjoy an enhanced checkout experience, while you benefit from an increase in on-site efficiency and streamlined operations. We’ll work with you to design a unique RFID-based customer checkout experience that drives growth and ease for your business.

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Inventory Management

Unlock the true value of your inventory

With the help of RFID, enable real-time, accurate tracking of inventory items. With RFID readers strategically placed throughout your store or warehouse, you can instantly capture all item information without the need for manual scanning. Eliminating human error and stock discrepancies, while providing you with an up-to-date view of your inventory, inventory management gives you peace of mind.

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At Avery Dennison, we are committed to empowering retailers with cutting-edge solutions that drive operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Leverage RFID technology to take control of your inventory, streamline your supply chain, and deliver an exceptional shopping experience. Get in touch to learn more.

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