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Discover new ways to optimize your security and inventory practices by producing, managing and tracking digital IDs and more with our comprehensive and customizable solutions.

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Avery Dennison retail solutions enhance your everyday retail operations.

What do all retailers have in common? Keen inventory management, loss prevention tactics and creating a consumer experience are aspects every retailer has to consider. By adopting Avery Dennison’s RFID technology and labeling solutions, your store is in good hands.

We know managing the supply chain process can be daunting. With our retail technology, you have an accurate look from production to distribution. You want to maximize your inventory and reduce time spent on manual counting regardless of size and potential stockroom chaos. RFID can provide a level of organization that your average item counter cannot.

Every type of retailer values creating a positive consumer experience in one way or another. At the outlet store level, you want your client to feel satisfied with the off-market price they are paying for a garment. At the department store level, you want your client to shop multiple racks with ease. No matter the size or goal, Avery Dennison’s retail solutions bring you closer to your consumer and their experience.


In this session, Marshall Kay from Avery Dennison, Daryl Blackmore from Rexall Pharmacy Group, and Stefanie Hoover from LP Magazine discuss why RFID is a game changer for loss prevention. They highlight the significant advancements in RFID technology and its impact on retail loss prevention. Watch the recording to learn how retailers and consumer brands can better understand the benefits of RFID and common questions about its implementation.

mara hoffman  boutique retail solutions
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RFID technology is not just useful at the production-level. Retailers alike can use RFID to better understand their inventory, how to manage loss prevention, and uphold brand authenticity.

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