heat transfer industrial laundry for uniform


Industrial Laundry

We know that when you’re supporting an occupation that requires a uniform, you need the best solutions for industrial laundry. Our sustainable identity solutions for uniforms, flatwork, and other textiles contribute towards the highest quality standards to keep garments clean while maintaining their longevity.

heat transfer industrial laundry for uniform

What we do

At Avery Dennison, we support your industrial laundry needs by providing sustainable and efficient solutions. With customizable care options, we assure your garments and uniforms get a high-quality clean without compromising their trim, labels and other elements. Plus, explore our high-performance trim and transfer solutions to add lasting logos and customizations to your garments.

Industrial Laundry Solutions

heat transfer industrial laundry for uniform

Heat Transfers & Permanent Branding

Regular laundry can take a toll on even the toughest industrial garments, wearing down their labels over time. However, with Avery Dennison’s innovative permanent branding and industrial heat transfer technology, our labels are built to withstand washes, ensuring they stay intact for as long as the garment or textile itself.

heat transfer industrial laundry for uniform


Embelex's advanced technology ensures that your garments and linens can withstand numerous washes without compromising their quality or integrity, ultimately prolonging their lifespan. Streamline your washing process while reducing the frequency of your wash cycles with Embelex™ products.

heat transfer industrial laundry for hospitality

Temporary Printing

For delicate situations where you need a fast and efficient one-time marking of garments, our temporary printing solutions are available in a number of colors. Ideal for hotels, yachts, and more, our labels will not leave any remnants or holes. Lasting through minimal washes, change your labels with ease as often as you wish.

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Discover a more efficient and sustainable way to wash clothes with our industrial laundry solutions. Plus, add high-performance trims, custom patches, and heat transfers to your clothes with our innovative technology designed to outlast competitors. Not sure what solution is best for you? Reach out to learn more.

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