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In today’s world, counterfeiting is becoming more prevalent and harder to spot. With technology playing a large role in the increase of global counterfeits, it has never been easier for counterfeiters to find, copy and sell fakes. What if technology and smart innovations can also be the answer to stopping counterfeit goods?

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At Avery Dennison, we believe that one size does not fit all and that the best solution is designed to meet your exact needs. With over 40 years of brand protection experience, we’ve protected billions of garments. We’ll assess your unique challenges and work with you to come up with a tailored, end-to-end brand protection solution, including physical, data, and digital layers built into your brand’s core labeling.

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All too often products fall into the gray market either through overproduction, leakage of samples, or lack of transparency. Activate each legitimate item leaving the factory during the quality control process and manage sample handling.


Vast amounts of products are seized daily from unauthorized third-party sellers and gray markets by field inspectors and legal teams. Inspect these seized items and record suspect and counterfeit results in-field.


It’s becoming increasingly difficult to spot the fakes in the market as they mirror in appearance to the real thing. Consumers can verify if a given apparel item as of authentic provenance and is not a counterfeit brand or “knock-off”.


With the growth of e-commerce and easy returns comes an increase of counterfeit returns entering distribution centers. Check to ensure that these counterfeit returns stay out of resell channels.


Globalization has increased complex and sometimes unethical supply chains. Consumers are demanding transparency in these supply chains. Track apparel items through the supply chains, ensuring traceability and end-to-end transparency.

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