Connected jersey with layered interior labels with QR codes

Consumer Engagement Solutions


Tech-savvy consumers are helping drive the digital revolution. With an estimated 6.8 bn smartphone owners worldwide, opportunities to engage with your audience have never been more plentiful.

Connected jersey with digital watermark heat transfer for consumer engagement

Get closer to your consumers. Let your garments tell your story.

Avery Dennison’s digital engagement solutions opens the door to a world of consumer engagement opportunities at the point of sale and beyond.

Tell your brand and product stories, share your values and vision, offer care instructions, cross-sell ranges and discover new insights that shape your brand … the possibilities are endless.

Start building stronger, longer-lasting relationships with your customers. Connect with an Avery Dennison expert to learn more.

Brand Discovery

Enable brand discovery, tell your brand story, and increase social media traffic with the help of digital engagement tools.

Checkout Process

Create more efficient speed-to-purchase or self-service checkout processes that please your customers and employees alike.


Share care and content details, alongside product journey and recycling details to unlock greater transparency for your consumers.

Personalized Experiences

Unlock a bespoke consumer experience for your customers through digital engagement tools. Whether its a personalized platform experience, or an augmented reality tool, your customers will love the specialized experience that your brand provides.


Digital engagement tools open doors to improved authenticity through better transparency and data. Providing authentication, proof of authenticity, and blockchain transparency, authenticity concerns lessen.

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When it comes to transparency, there is a multi-faceted consumer experience that accompanies it. Not sure what tools are best to share your brand's story? Reach out to us to learn more about your options.

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