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Triggers & Sensors

Digitally Enabled Triggers & Sensors

Powered by RFID technology, our digital ID solutions allow you to streamline retail management and empower consumers like never before. Whether you want to optimize your inventory, build an immersive shopping experience, or share the unique story of a garment’s lifecycle, the sky’s the limit with Avery Dennison.


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What we do

Step into the future of retail with Avery Dennison’s digital ID capabilities. Pioneer the sustainability movement and set new supply transparency standards with Streamline inventory management and empower consumers with easy authentication backed by RFID technology.

Meet AD Digital ID

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Discover seamless connectivity with NFC solutions

Powered by RFID technology, NFC connects consumers and retailers through mobile experiences that enhance the shopping experience from both sides of the spectrum. With NFC implementation, users can unlock features like social media integrations and customer loyalty programs, or learn about the lifecycle of a garment with unique supply chain stories. Retailers not only engage with consumers, but also optimize their operations with instant sales and inventory management capabilities.

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QR Codes

Inspire engagement and educate consumers

With QR code integration, consumer engagement and education have never been easier. Whether you want to provide garment care instructions or offer greater transparency into your brand’s sustainable practices, we can help propel your brand into the future of retail. Start a conversation, share, and connect with your fans through social media, customer loyalty programs, and more.

Digital watermark smart reader app for consumer engagement

Digital watermarks

Build trust with unique digital ID solutions

Digital watermarks are unique identifiers that can only be detected with specialized software or scanning devices. Used to help authenticate apparel and other products, this digital ID solution helps preserve your brand’s integrity while fostering greater trust with your customers.

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Explore endless possibilities to optimize and energize your brand

RFID technology is quickly changing the world of retail, enabling brands to fortify consumer relationships and streamline their systems. With Smartrac, we help you optimize every element of the retail experience, from product tracking and inventory management in-house to fostering an engaging shopping experience for customers.

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At Avery Dennison, we collaborate with you to find solutions that innovate and optimize. Need help implementing digital ID solutions? Reach out to our team to learn more about all of the exciting possibilities and customizable options.

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