Embelex woven and embroidery patches for apparel


Woven & Embroidery

Elevate your label and patch designs with our crafted woven and embroidery techniques. Incorporate texture and color with simple and refined constructions or propel your brand into the future with innovative aesthetics. Create vibrant custom combinations while driving sustainability through our best in class yarn, thread and textile portfolio.

Embelex woven and embroidery crest for team sports jerseys

What we do

Our team of wovens and embroidery experts collaborate with you to deliver elevated textiles that illustrate your brand’s ethos. With sustainability and innovation as our foundation, we create radical aesthetic effects and customized solutions that make your brand stand out.

Meet Our Wovens & Embroidery

Embelex woven label on a (re)boot team sports jersey

Woven Labels and Patches

Discover innovative and exceptional styles

From luxury brands to authentic team sports branding, many markets use woven labels and patches to emphasize quality and elevate product differentiation. Customized and engineered to your aesthetic and performance needs, our woven solutions allow brands to create unique designs for exceptional impact. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we offer a portfolio of conscious materials to help drive your unique journey.

Embelex embroidery patch for fashion apparel


Shape your story with infinite embroidery combinations

Take your brand to the next level with cutting-edge embroidery graphics. Whether you are after a classic embroidery look or bespoke texture and dimension, we offer a full range of materials and stitch effects to elevate your designs with ultimate integrity. Choose from a variety of environmentally conscious materials to not only meet your sustainability goals, but set new standards for a better world.

Embelex Lions Brothers team sport jersey embellishments


Discover customizable textile graphic solutions powered by Lion Brothers

Imagine endless possibilities with our textile graphic solutions. From the classic Twill techniques of authentic team sports to vibrant layered combinations and appliqués, our solutions take creativity to another level.

Need help?

Embelex™ helps you illustrate your brand’s story with bespoke graphics and textiles. We offer a range of heat transfer solutions — from visual special effects to digital connectivity. Need a little help? Contact us to find out how we can empower your brand with durable, dynamic graphics.

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