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Avery Dennison and Circular.fashion Bring Digital Product Passports to Life as Members of CIRPASS-2 Consortium

Circular.fashion  DPP Digital Product Passports CIRPASS-2 consortium

Avery Dennison has reaffirmed its position as a driving force helping brands get ready for the incoming implementation of Digital Product Passport (DPP), having been announced among lighthouse pilot initiatives in partnership with circular.fashion under the CIRPASS-2 consortium.

DPPs are expected to be adopted in the EU from 2027, initially targeting industrial and electric vehicle batteries, followed by other priority groups such as textiles

The Avery Dennison and circular.fashion pilot is designed to enable a holistic circular textile system powered by DPP data and circularity services. The objective is to track and document the journey of garments designed according to Circular Design Criteria of circular.fashion as they enter circular services, such as repair, resell, sorting and recycling.  

By engaging with multiple stakeholders from retail to collection, as well as repairing and upcycling, the pilot enables collaboration and data exchange along the value chain. As a service provider, atma.io by Avery Dennison provides the digital platform for the DPP data exchange, while circular.fashion provides software to conduct Circular Design Criteria Verifications and provides the results as credible claims through the DPP public sites.

News of the pilot follows a historic moment for circularity, transparency and digital identification. Negotiations regarding the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR), the cornerstone of the European Commission’s approach to more environmentally sustainable and circular products, have concluded and an agreement on a final text was reached by EU co-legislators.

Having launched Digital Product Passport as a Service (DPPaaS) in October 2023, Avery Dennison is helping brands meet the ESPR requirements to make digitized product and supply chain data available to key stakeholders that is standardized and interoperable.

Through atma.io, a world leading connected product cloud platform, Avery Dennison tracks 30 billion items across the supply chain for global brands, capturing information that will be vital for DPP including carbon footprint data, origins of materials, and re-use instructions.

For more information on preparing for the DPP regulation, click here.


  • CIRPASS stands for the Collaborative Initiative for a Standards-based Digital Product Passport for Stakeholder-Specific Sharing of Product Data for a Circular Economy

  • CIRPASS aims to prepare the ground for the piloting and deployment of DPPs, with an initial focus on the electronics, industrial and electric vehicle battery, and textile sectors

  • As an Associate Partner of the CIRPASS consortium, which is advising the EU on the implementation of the scheme, Avery Dennison brings extensive knowledge and capabilities to advise brands on the digital solutions required.