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Billions of dollars worth of revenue are lost every year in discarded inventory. Boosting visibility and transparency in supply chains from the start, at your factory, helps to reduce waste and profit loss, whilst strengthening partner and consumer trust.

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What we do

At Avery Dennison, we tackle inventory waste head-on, offering end-to-end supply chain solutions for the apparel industry. Our integrated approach, fueled by connected product cloud and on-site hardware, ensures real-time visibility, operational control, and empowers factories and brands alike.

Meet Our Factory Solutions

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Digitally track raw materials from origin to completion

A digital-centric solution, sourcing enables your factory to keep track of key attributes of raw materials. Capture product origin and composition, and link compliance certificates along the product journey. Sourcing creates a "bill-of-material" for every product that details exactly what goes into a product - from origin to completion.

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On-Demand Labeling

Centralized efficiency with local flexibility

Strike the right balance between ordering labels from a central location and printing labels on-site. Driven by our online platform and data management system, your on-demand labeling process has never been easier with our on-demand solutions.

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Work in Progress Tracking

Optimize production with real-time factory floor insights

Capture operational data from the factory shop floor through Work in Progress Tracking, which provides visibility into factory capacity, scheduling, order throughput, status, and quality assurance metrics.

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Scan & Pack

Critical traceability where you need it most

Scan & Pack is an integrated solution that allows you to finish, pack, and validate content against the packing plan to ensure maximum accuracy. Scan results are consolidated in connected product cloud, where they can be visualized in the factory dashboard providing a critical traceability read point for goods leaving the factory.

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Revolutionize your factory processes with our bespoke factory solutions. Enhance efficiency and minimize losses to propel your operations into the future of streamlined production.

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