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Is There Enough Authenticity in Sports for Gen Z?

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A prominent characteristic of Gen Z is the value they place in authenticity and truth. The younger demographic of fans seeks this authenticity in their relationships with brands and organizations. Teams need to look for opportunities to build trust with these fans through transparent and honest communication.

Transparent and honest communication with Gen Z fans can build trust resulting in a growth of engagement. However, engagement for this generation of fans will differ from previous. As a generation, there is a distrust for large organizations which has resulted in Gen Z being more likely to follow football players rather than clubs.

Focusing on issues that matter to Gen Z through their human connection with real players exposes an opportunity for sports organizations to create relevant content for the new age of fans. For instance, creating a safe space to discuss mental health – a hot topic for this younger generation – can work toward building a valued relationship between fans and sports organizations.

88% of global Gen Z think that it’s very or extremely important to be authentic and true to themselves. (EY 2022)

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