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Metaverse Revolution: Transforming the Sports Fan Experience

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The metaverse is providing an opportunity to revolutionize how sport is consumed and played for both fans and athletes. New digital sports worlds include training centers, social spaces and commerce opportunities. Fans can now engage with their favorite teams in another medium ultimately enhancing their fan experience.

Virtual sports arenas offer an inclusive fan experience without geographical or physical boundaries. The Brooklyn Nets became the first pro sports team to enter the ‘Netaverse’ in 2022 where the team gave viewers the chance to experience the court in an immersive digital experience. Premier League club Manchester City has also announced it is developing a virtual version of its Etihad stadium in partnership with Sony, where fans will be able to engage via avatars with their favorite players in the virtual stadium.

Demand for phygital (digital and physical) experiences sees sports brands adding direct-to-avatar (DTA) virtual shopping to their merchandise offerings, as well as AR and VR sports experiences. In 2022, Nike took this a step further by bringing its successful virtual Roblox Nikeland Metaverse experience to its ‘House of Innovation’ New York store through the use of AR.


Fans love the idea of participating as part of a virtual crowd, supporting their team and interacting with fans in the metaverse

(Oracle 2022)


customers using the metaverse want to use it for fitness-related tasks and activities

(Accenture 2023)