Person using scanner equipment to locate products in a distribution center

Supply Chain Solutions

Distribution Center Solutions

Item level accuracy is paramount to ensure your supply chain's operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Precisely accounting for inventory to prevent shipment errors, minimize returns, and maintain inventory integrity is essential to building loyalty and trust in your brand with this extra layer of security.

forklifts in large warehouse full of boxes

Ensure item-level order accuracy at the warehouse with Case Verification.

Item-level verification within distribution centers is pivotal for maintaining accuracy and efficiency throughout your supply chain process. By ensuring that the right products are in the right packages through case verification solutions, shipment errors are minimized, preventing costly mistakes and customer dissatisfaction.

At Avery Dennison, we believe that the best solutions are customizable and designed to meet your exact needs. By assessing your brand’s unique challenges, we’ll work with you to engineer a tailored, end-to-end brand protection solution, including physical, data, and digital layers built into your brand’s core labeling.

Distribution center conveyor moving boxes for case verification
man using scanner equipment in a distribution center

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