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Brand Protection

Protecting your brand starts with your supply chain. With a rise in organized crime, your garments are at risk of counterfeiting in new places along your supply chain, from your distribution center to the loading dock. Brand protection solutions are your answer to protecting your precious products from their origin.

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In today’s world, counterfeiting is becoming more prevalent and harder to spot.

With technology playing a large role, global counterfeits can be seen across social media, e-commerce, and online marketplaces. It has never been easier for counterfeiters to find, copy, and sell fakes. Take action to safeguard intellectual property and protect your brand value with anti-counterfeiting solutions.

At Avery Dennison, we believe that the best solutions are customizable and designed to meet your exact needs. By assessing your brand’s unique challenges, we’ll work with you to engineer a tailored, end-to-end brand protection solution, including physical, data, and digital layers built into your brand’s core labeling.

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Through digitally connected labeling, we help you tell a comprehensive story for every garment you produce, ensuring that your products can continue on their circularity journey. Find out how you can lead positive change in the fashion industry. Connect with an Avery Dennison expert now.

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