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Consumers are more invested in brand ethos and sustainability than ever before. From garment circularity to responsible manufacturing, consumers prioritize brands that align with their environmental values – and transparency is essential.

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Ensuring seamless transparency and accountability across your supply chain operations.

Unlocking traceability in the supply chain is vital for ensuring product quality, safety, and compliance. It enables swift identification of issues, minimizes risks, enhances consumer trust, and facilitates sustainability efforts by tracing products from origin to destination, fostering accountability at every stage.

Our transparency solutions empower brands and customers to glean insight from valuable data, track products at every stage of the supply chain, and encourage product circulation through repair, reuse, and recycling. We work with you to build transparency into your core labeling systems to make implementation easy and effective.

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Through digitally connected labeling, we help you tell a comprehensive story for every garment you produce, ensuring that your products can continue on their circularity journey. Find out how you can lead positive change in the fashion industry. Connect with an Avery Dennison expert now.

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